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  • Shooting Facilities

    What types of shooting facilities do you have?
    We are a shotgun-only facility. That means no pistol, rifle, or archery facilities.

    What shooting sports do you support?
    We support American-style trap and Wobble trap only. We have eight trap houses using Automatic Pat Traps™ and Canterbury™ Wireless Voice Calls. You can shoot singles, handicap, doubles, or wobble targets. We also have a portable stand for shotgun patterning.

  • Amenities

    Is there food available at your club?
    Yes, we have food and beverages available during winter jackpots, leagues, and all registered shoots. We do not serve alcoholic beverages at the club.

    Do you have an ATM machine at the club?
    No, we don’t. We accept cash and checks for practice, shooting events, memberships, component sales, and shooting supplies. Cash only at Mary’s Kitchen.

  • Club Hours

    When is the club open?
    The first Saturday in January to the first Saturday in May—from 10 a.m. to sunset.


    The second Wednesday in March to the last Wednesday in October—from 10 a.m. to sunset.

  • Location

    Where are you located?
    On the southeast side of Janesville, Wisconsin, on the LaPrairie Park grounds.

    How do I get to your club?
    Visit our Driving Directions page, enter your address, and then click Calculate.

  • Memberships

    Do I need to become a member to shoot at your club?
    This is one of our top FAQs. Membership at the Janesville Conservation Club is not required if you want to shoot practice or participate in our registered ATA events. However, if you want to join our leagues, we do require membership.

    How much does a membership cost?
    Believe it or not, membership is currently only $20 per year—good January through December. That’s the best deal around, period.

    What is the benefit of becoming a member?
    In addition to allowing you to shoot in a league, it will reduce your cost per round of trap, plus we’ll let you use our indoor plumbing.

  • Cost to Shoot

    How much does it cost for a round of trap?
    Singles and Wobble: non-member = $5.50, member = $5.00, youth = $4.00 (under 18, practice only)

    Doubles: non-member = $11.00, member = $10.00, youth = $8.00 (under 18, practice only)

  • Shooting Supplies

    Can I purchase ammunition at the club?
    Yes, target loads are available for all gauges. The price varies depending on gauge and brand.

    Do you sell shotgun components?
    Yes, we carry powder, primers, wads, and lead—for members only.

    What about shooting supplies—do you sell those, too?
    We sell towels, hats, barrel rests, blinders, wad knockers, and hull-pouch extenders.

  • Payment Options

    What are my payment options?
    We accept cash or checks for all activities. We do not accept credit cards. Cash only for Mary’s Kitchen.

    Do you have an ATM machine at the club?
    No we don’t, so come prepared with cash or a check.

  • Events

    What kind of events does the club hold?
    We hold winter jackpots, leagues, non-registered shoots, and registered shoots. Registered shoots are ATA events. See our Event Calendar to see what’s scheduled.

    Can I arrange a special event at your club?
    That might be possible, depending on what the event is. Contact us with your request, and we’ll see what we can do.

  • Lessons

    Does the club offer introductory trapshooting lessons?
    Yes we do. We have certified NRA Shotgun Coaches available to help. One option is to ask for help at the front desk when you come to the club. A second, preferred option, is to call to arrange a time for a lesson. That way, the front desk can make sure somebody is available to help.