Officers & Directors


  • President

    Mary Bleiler

    Wall of Honor Recipient

    Mary lives in Fort Atkinson, WI. Most recently, she was employed by RateWatch for 10 years and worked in Data Entry, Team Lead, and Supervisory positions. Prior to that, Mary worked for 5 years as the Receptionist at Mental Health Consultants in Fort Atkinson. She has been shooting and volunteering at the club since 1982—first performing desk duties, and later calculating options and filing shoot reports with the WTA, ATA, and Trap & Field, jobs that she continues to this day. Mary has been on the Board of Directors every year except one since 1984. She served as the club’s Vice President from 1997 to 2000 and then as President from 2001 to 2005. She then resumed as club President in 2008 to present. Mary won the Wisconsin Ladies Championship Doubles event in 1995, and she has been named to the All State Ladies team 17 times. For all her accomplishments, Mary is proudest of the club’s members for volunteering their time and effort to make the club a better place. Her hobbies include playing cards, training dogs, quilting by hand, and volunteering at the Jefferson and Delavan clubs. Mary and her husband, Randy, have one child—a setter named Geordie.

  • Vice President

    Gordie Ringlien

    Wall of Honor Recipient – 2014

    Gordie lives in Beloit, WI. Before retiring in 1996, he was employed for 35 years at Fairbanks Morse, where he served as the Manufacturing Manager in the Engine Division. Gordie started shooting at the Janesville Conservation Club in 1965, and is currently the club’s Vice President, a position he’s held for awhile now. He also cashiers for most of our events. Gordie has served on the Handicap Committee twice at the Wisconsin State Shoot, and he has also volunteered for various roles at the Isaac Walton club and at Darien Sporting Goods. 2013 marked his 50th year of registered shooting, during which time he has participated in 18 different state shoots and 36 Missouri Fall Handicap tournaments. In 1967, Gordie appeared briefly in an episode of American Sportsman, a popular television series hosted by Curt Gowdy. Besides trapshooting, his hobbies include studying NFL statistics, owning vintage farm tractors, reading Packer Plus, power walking, and serving as a neighborhood helper. Gordie and his wife, Nancy, have one daughter, two grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

  • Secretary

    Jolene Schnabel

    Jolene lives in Evansville, WI. Since 2003, she has been employed at the UW Hospital and Clinics, where she started in the UW Medical School as a Medical Program Assistant before accepting a position as an Outpatient Coder. Prior to that, she worked at VP/BlueScope Buildings for 17 years in various roles. She has served as the Secretary of our club since 2006, and she took up trapshooting after marrying Roger. In addition to shooting, she enjoys fishing, hunting, and horseback riding. During her junior year of high school, Jolene won the Wisconsin High School State Girl’s Calf Roping Championship on a mostly well-behaved quarter horse named Red. The horse did have a rebellious streak that Jolene had to contend with along the way—it seems he wouldn’t do as instructed until he threw her off first. After that, they had an understanding. Jolene and Roger have six children—Tom, Carol, Karen, Dan, Ben, and Roger—and ten grandchildren.

  • Treasurer

    Al Arner

    Wall of Honor Recipient – 2012

    Al lives in Janesville, WI, and is a retired Carpenter from the General Motors plant in town. He has been with the club and shooting in the ATA for 30 years. Al is currently serving as the club Treasurer, a position he’s held since December, 2002. He’s also been running our leagues since 2005. Al designed the current club logo in 2006, and in the same year crafted the large wooden version of it hanging in the clubhouse. Al is a certified NRA Shotgun Coach and a certified Hunter Safety Instructor. He helps teach the four Hunter Safety classes the club offers each year. Al has been active in the NWTF since 1991, and he is a lifetime ATA, NRA, and SASS member. He is also a member of the Delavan Sportsmen’s Club and the Stoughton Conservation Club. Most recently, Al was instrumental in moving the club to a modern web platform so that JCC could revamp its website and gain more visibility with local businesses. His hobbies include woodworking and helping out at the club. Al has three daughters and five grandchildren.



  • Bill Boyd

    Wall of Honor Recipient – 2012

    Bill lives in Milton, WI, and is the Owner of Boyd Consulting, a multi-state employee benefits company. Bill has been working in the insurance industry for 40 years. He’s also been involved with the club for over 25 years, serving on the board numerous times, holding the Treasurer’s position from the mid-1990s to 2001, and holding the President’s position in 2006 and 2007. Bill modernized the club’s office functions by migrating the paper books and records to Quicken and then QuickBooks. In 2000, he spearheaded the research and purchase of JCC’s current trap houses and Pat Traps, and along with Bob Laukant, did all the wiring to get them working. Bill and his wife, Barb, also ran the clubhouse kitchen for 4 years. He is a lifetime member of the ATA, and holds ATA, NRA, and Hunter Safety certifications. Bill helps teach the four Hunter Safety classes the club offers each year. His hobbies include shooting, golf, and fishing. Bill and Barb have four children—Kim, Kurt, Kelly, and Troy.

  • Bob Laukant

    Bob lives in Janesville, WI. He currently works for Dean Foods in Chemung, performing maintenance on dairy equipment. Prior to that, he maintained machines and conveyors at Lab Safety Supply in Janesville for over 18 years. Bob started shooting at JCC in the mid-1990s and has shot leagues at multiple clubs in the area. He has served on the Board since 2006, and he is one of four certified Hunter Safety instructors at our club. Bob usually works the desk at registered events, and also helps with scoring, setting targets, and trap maintenance. His hobbies include deer, pheasant, and rabbit hunting, and occasionally building model semi-tractor trailers. Bob has two kids—Chris and Amanda—both of whom previously worked at the club.

  • Dave Hanson

    Wall of Honor Recipient

    Dave lives in Janesville, WI. In 2003, he retired from the General Motors plant in town after 30 years as a Forklift Operator on the medium-duty truck line. He has been shooting at the club since 1971 and has served on the Board of Directors for so long that we’ve lost count of the years. During that time, Dave has been involved in the expansion of the clubhouse and in the ongoing grounds-keeping and maintenance of the facilities. Many shooters who visit comment on the park-like appearance of the Janesville Conservation Club, and Dave—along with Al Arner—is responsible for making it look that way. His hobbies include trapshooting, pistol and rifle shooting, reloading, and hunting ducks, geese, and deer. Dave and his wife, Terri, have two children—Heidi and David—and five grandchildren.

  • Don Larson

    Don lives in Janesville, WI, and worked as an electrician at Gilman’s for 5 years, Dana Corporation for 7 years, and General Motors for 30 years. While at GM, he serviced machine tools, machine controls, and building construction equipment. Don has been involved with the club since 1962, and some of his early jobs included grounds maintenance, and loading, setting, pulling, and scoring targets. He continues to help with general club maintainence to this day. Don has also served several terms on our Board. For the last few years, he and Randy Bleiler have handled the charity shoot live auction—an entertaining event for all. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Don managed the trap kids at JCC and often shuttled them to the Brodhead club to work there as well. Don and his wife, Bonnie, have 3 daughters (Sigrid, Aleshia, and Mandi) and 6 grandchildren—all of whom have learned to shoot.

  • Don Van DeBogert

    Don lives in Lake Geneva, WI, and for the last 15 years has been working for Koja Construction, where he is currently a Carpenter Supervisor. Prior to that, he worked for Mid-States Construction for 29 years. Don was introduced to trapshooting in 1969 by JCC’s president at the time, Jack Lang. Don has been a member here since 1993, and he’s also a member of the Delavan Sportsman’s Club. His hobbies include target shooting and hunting ruffed grouse with his German shorthaired pointers. Don and his wife, Jackie, have two children—Tricia and Donald—and six grandchildren.


  • Ed Kelly


    Ed lives in Caledonia, IL. He worked at Rockford Power Train for 30 years in various financial analysis positions, and completed his career as a Cost Accounting Manager before retiring in 2002. Ed now farms corn and soybeans to stay active. He has been shooting since the mid-1970s. As of 2014, Ed has over 390,000 registered targets to his credit, and has been named once to the Illinois All State Men’s Team. He has served on the Board at JCC since 2005. At our registered shoots, Ed helps with squadding and classifying duties. His hobbies include trapshooting and farming. He and his wife, Vicki, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2014.

  • Valerie Rogers

  • John Reeb

    John lives in Whitewater, WI, where he and his wife have been farming since 1979. He started shooting in 2001 and is a member of both the Jefferson Sportsmen’s Club and the Janesville Conservation Club He has served on the Board at Janesville since 2012. John and his wife, Jean, donated to the Jefferson club’s new facility in 2008. In 2013, he hauled 14 new prefab trap houses to the Wisconsin home grounds facility in Rome. His hobbies include trapshooting, prairie dog shooting, and farming. In 2014, John and Jean celebrated 45 years of marriage. They have two daughters and three grandchildren.

  • Loren Rippentrop

    Loren lives in Cherry Valley, IL. He retired in 2011 after working as an Electrician with various contractors for 21 years and with Northern Illinois University for another 23 years. Loren started shooting at JCC in the early 1990s, and he has served on the board since 2009. Some career highlights include earning his AA27AA pin during the 1998 season, and finishing 3rd in the Grand American class singles championship in 2008 by shooting 200 straight in the main event and then another 274 straight in the shoot-offs. Loren was also the Out of State Singles Champion in 2002 at the Iowa State Shoot, and the Illinois Veterans Singles Champion in 2013. To date, he has six 200-straights to his credit, six appearances on the Illinois All State Men’s Team, and one appearance on the Illinois All State Veteran’s Team. In 2013, Loren also won the club Wobble championship for the second consecutive year. In addition to trapshooting, he enjoys reloading, gardening, and traveling. Loren and his wife, Iren, have three daughters—Kim, Debby, and Linn—and two grandchildren.

  • Paul Rogers


  • Randy Bleiler

    Wall of Honor Recipient

    Randy lives in Fort Atkinson, WI. He currently works at Jones Dairy Farm in his home town. Prior to that, Randy worked 14 years for Mann Brothers, Inc. as a Heavy Equipment Operator and Mechanic, and 26 years at Beloit Corporation as a Machinist. He has been shooting at the Janesville Conservation Club since 1982, and has been on the Board of Directors every year except one since 1984. Randy helps score the Winter Jackpots, load the trap houses, set the targets, and maintain the trap machines. He was also in demand for many years by Illinois and Wisconsin clubs that needed repair work done on their hand-set traps. In 2011, Randy was named to the Wisconsin All State Men’s Team. His hobbies include pheasant hunting and training setters. In his younger days, Randy enjoyed building the motorcycles he used for motocross, flat track, ice racing, and sidehack racing. He and his wife, Mary, have one child—a setter named Geordie.

  • Rick Urban

    Rick lives in Janesville, WI, and is currently the Facility Manager at The DeLong Co., Inc. in Evansville, where he has gained extensive knowledge of the Agricultural Retail business over a period of 30 years. In addition to setting targets at our club, Rick also helps ATA shooters register for events. He is certified in Hunter Safety, and serves as the Lead Instructor in our program. Rick’s hobbies include trapshooting, fishing, and deer hunting—preferably with a bow. He feels privileged to count trapshooters among his friends. They are some of the most honest, decent people he’s ever met. Rick and his wife, Linda, have two children—a daughter, Jennifer, who lives and works in Oshkosh, and a son, Alan, who began a stint in the Navy in October, 2013.

  • Roger Schnabel

    Roger lives in Evansville, WI. He worked at VP/BlueScope Buildings for 52 years holding various positions, but for the last 32 years Roger served as the QA Manager before retiring in June of 2010. He became a member of the Janesville Conservation Club in 2000 and has served on the Board of Directors for approximately 8 years since then. Roger is a lifetime member of the ATA, a lifetime member of the Brooklyn Sportsman Club, and a member of the Evansville Lions Club. His hobbies include trapshooting, fishing, hunting, boating, bowling, pitching horseshoes, and riding motorcycles, four wheelers, and snowmobiles. Roger and his wife, Jolene, have six children (four sons, two daughters) and ten grandchildren.

  • Steve Keeley

    Steve lives in Waterloo, WI. During his career, he worked for 35 years at Perry Printing, serving in many capacities and finishing his stint there as a Customer Service Representative. After that, he was employed by Kolar Arms as Marketing Director for 3 years, and then worked for 10 years at Recob’s before retiring. Steve has been on JCC’s Board of Directors since 2002. Often, when he is not on the line, you will find him helping a fellow shooter with a gun issue. In 2011, Steve was featured in Trap and Field magazine in a piece submitted by a friend who wanted to recognize his selfless nature and willingness to help other trapshooters. He has a storied trapshooting career, culminating in 2001 with the most prestigious award a trapshooter can earn—Grand American Clay Target Champion. After shooting 200 straight in the championship event that year, Steve went on to break another 200 straight in the shoot offs to claim the title. He was also the Wisconsin State Handicap Champion in 2003. As of 2013, Steve has been named to the Wisconsin All State Team 14 times. His other hobbies, besides shooting, include fishing and ice-fishing. Steve and his wife, Carol, have 1 son, Kris, 3 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild.

  • Tony Kennedy

    Tony lives in Beloit, WI, and for 20 years has owned and operated KenEnt, a manufacturer of screw machine products. He has served on the board since 2010 and has been shooting at the club since 2007. Tony often works the desk at jackpots and other shoots, lending a hand registering ATA shooters and entering scores. He also helps with scoring and setting targets when needed. Tony is a member of the Delavan Sportsmen’s club and participates in numerous leagues at clubs in the area. In 2013, Tony was High Gun in the JCC Handicap Summer League, a hard-won accomplishment that ranks as one of his finest. He enjoys shooting pistols, rifles, shotguns, and riding his Harleys. He and his wife, Linda, have two sons—Chase, and Bryce—and a granddaughter, Mary.


Alternate Directors

  • Brad Davis

    Brad lives in Genoa City, WI, and works as a Technical Writer for Siemens Building Technologies at their Software House in Chicago, IL. He taught writing courses part-time for 20 years at various colleges in Illinois, and has also taught 4-H Shooting Sports near home and downhill skiing at Devil’s Head Resort in Merrimac, WI.  Brad has been a member at the Janesville Conservation Club since 2012, and was the Director of the Youth Shooting Program from 2012 to 2016. In 2013, Brad designed the new club website and also volunteered to serve as its webmaster. He enjoys hiking, skiing, cycling, reading, pistol & rifle shooting, and spending time with family and friends. Brad is a certified Double-Goal Coach and a certified NRA Shotgun Coach.

  • Bob Zanocco

    Bio coming soon.

  • Mark Chiodini

    Bio coming soon.

  • Ron Syverson

    Ron lives in Janesville, WI. He worked for the General Motors plant in town for 34 years as a Forklift Operator, delivering parts to the assembly line before retiring in 1993. Ron has been shooting at JCC since the late 1990s. Trapshooting is now his main hobby, but when he was younger, he enjoyed deer hunting—and also pheasant, duck, and goose hunting with his Labs and his English Setter. Ron use to build flat track motorcycles and worked as a motorcycle mechanic at races all over the country. As of 2014, Ron and his wife, Ferne, have been married 54 years. They have two children, Scott and Todd, five grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

  • Dale Miller

    Bio coming soon.