Mary’s Kitchen

What’s Cooking in Mary’s Kitchen?

Mary's KitchenMary’s Kitchen is a special place. Why? Because in addition to serving standard club fare, Mary also serves home-cooked food and home-made desserts, usually with sass. If you come to our club while the kitchen is open, you might go away tongue-tied—but you won’t go away hungry.

The Mad Dog Grill

Mad Dog GrillRecently, after a dispute over salad toppings, Mary kicked her husband out of the kitchen, so he started his own outdoor food service—the Mad Dog grill. Weather permitting, you’ll find Andrew under a shade tree selling brats, dogs, burgers, chips, and beverages. With this new division of labor, the clubhouse is habitable once again, and the card games can continue. By the way, the kitchen and grill are cash only.

Sample Menu

This is a sample only. Some main dishes and desserts vary from week to week and event to event. Contact us if you have a suggestion.

Main Dishes

Rib-eye sandwich
Pulled Pork sandwich
Grilled Chicken sandwich (or chicken on salad)
Hot dog


Pie (various weekly specials)
Ice Cream


Cheese Curds (plain or fried)
Onion Rings
French Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Chips (various)


Soft Drinks
Iced Tea


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